New Patient Appointment (1.5 hrs): $225

- This appointment allows for ample time to form a meaningful doctor-patient relationship. You will have the opportunity to discuss in full your physical, emotional, and mental symptoms and disturbances.  We will discuss your personal and family history to better understand your health and to facilitate in prevention of disease later in life. We will discuss factors such as nutrition, lifestyle, exercise and social influences to understand where improvements can be made. We will go over any recent lab work together and understand it from a functional and nutritional perspective. In addition, lab work can reveal trends that when caught early can be addressed using natural medicine and lifestyle changes in order to prevent disease. I will then perform a thorough and pertinent physical exam to uncover clues into internal health. I will then recommend any additional needed laboratory work such as additional blood tests, digestive stool and saliva analysis, food intolerance testing, hormone testing, genetic testing as is relevant to your health. I often prescribe some foundational natural support at that time in the form of herbal medicine, nutritional medicine, and diet and lifestyle changes. 

New Patient Pediatric Appointment (1 hr- 1.5 hrs): $195

- This appointment is similar to an adult appointment as above. However, labs are often reserved to serious cases to avoid unnecessary blood draws in children. Occasionally digestive analysis, specific vitamin testing or genetic testing is indicated and performed at this visit. Often treatment can be given at this first initial appointment with a follow up appointment in 6 weeks to review changes to symptoms and adjust treatment plan as needed. (Second follow up 45 mins@ $95.00)

Follow up Appointment (1 hr): $125

The follow up visit is very important to the establishment of an individualized health care plan. This appointment is usually scheduled 3 weeks after the initial appointment time.  At this visit we will look over any lab work that has been ordered and interpret it in a functional and preventative manner. We will discuss your compliance and reactions to prescribed natural medicine.  We will then weak

- Additional follow ups are performed as needed depending on the specific nature and severity of the presenting condition. Some illnesses require more follow up then others depending on their nature. 

- At 6 months we often repeat lab work to see if we are obtaining the expected and desired results. 

Acute Appointment for Established Patients (30 mins): $95

This appointment is reserved for established patients who are having an acute issues such as abdominal pain, colds, flus, sinus infections, skin infections etc. We will perform a brief history, pertinent physical exam, and recommend labs, treatment or referral as is relevant to the case. 

Constitutional Hydrotherapy (1 hr): $75

This relaxing and detoxifying treatment is sometimes prescribed as part of the plan for patients. Constitutional hydrotherapy often accelerates healing time and increases healing potential. Constitutional hydrotherapy uses hot and cold applications to the abdomen and a nerve stimulation machine in order to provide balance to the digestive, immune and nervous system function. During this time patients also get the chance to check in with the doctor and ask any questions about their treatment plan. This therapy speeds healing time for both chronic and acute diseases. 


10% Discount for medicaid/medicare patients 

10% Discount for military veterans

10% Friends and Family Discount (if you refer a friend or family they receive a discounted intake) 


- Due to colorado state licensing restrictions we do not bill insurance for our services. Labs will be billed to insurance if possible (HMOs, medicaid and medicare are excluded). HSAs and credit cards are accepted. Payment is due at time of services.