"In 2014 I visited Dr. Karrina Wallace for my yearly exam at low cost clinic in Portland.  I had been nervous that my eyesight was quickly going. Dr. Wallace was very through, examining not only my eyesight but also my joints, hearing, eating habits and more. She was careful and patient, listening to all my concerns. With my food allergies, it can be difficult for me to get all the required daily vitamins. Dr. Wallace helped introduce me to other foods and vitamins to help supplement my diet. I am now eating more Vitamin A than I ever was before our visit and my eyesight is great"

- O.L


"Dr. Wallace has wonderful knowledge, a compassionate ear, and a very balanced approach to wellness. She combines lab work, vitamin therapy, diet, lifestyle, and herbal medicine to form a protocol that is holistic and easy to follow. She is a great listener and can accommodate your individual needs. Yes, she is a young doctor -- but from what I can see it is only a benefit as her knowledge is up to date and she is dedicated to helping you feel your best."

- Y.T.


"Dr Wallace is a gift! She has the medical training along with a great way of explaining complicated things simply. She went over blood work with me more extensively than any Dr I've had in the past. In addition she didn't lecture me on anything, but gave me very approachable ways to continue on my quest for a healthier lifestyle. If you want someone to help guide your path to whole health, I don't think you could do better!"

- R.G. 


"Dr. Wallace is the first medical practitioner that I have worked with who has truly listened to what I'm experiencing and then partnered with me to develop a clear and balanced approach for how to address the issues.  She uses lab work and a comprehensive intake process to develop her recommendations and map out a concise, manageable healing plan that leverages nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, and reasonable supplementation.  I appreciate that she takes the time to address any and all questions I have, and works with me to ensure that I'm feeling my best.  I highly recommend her to anyone!"